The Best computer for music Production

Deciding the Best Computer for Music production could  be a daunting task for music producers, all home recording studios are built around a computer so students often asks me how to choose the best computer for making beats, recording or podcast, therefore this post covers features of the best windows PC or Mac Book  for music production.

Your pc houses DAWs, which are computer programs that turn your PC into a recording console. DAWs are used to perform functions like sequencing, recording, editing ,mixing and mastering.
Before deciding on which DAW to use choose whether you want to  have a windows pc or a MacBook Pro.

How To Choose The Best Computer For Music Production

Laptop Or Desktop which is better for Music Production?

A laptop is mobile and  compact Taking less desk space, but if you are on a budget and looking to have a more secure workspace then go for desktops, they offer higher specifications for less than laptops and more easily upgradable.

A laptop can be ideal for Beat making, and basic Podcast recording but if you are looking for a professional studio setup for recording or live podcast streaming  then a desktop is more applicable and highly durable. 

How to choose the best computer for music production, best computer for makin beats

How Much Hard drive Space?

Just as a computer is known to be able to store data, your windows pc or macbook pro’s hard disk is the primary storage for recorded files. Most DAWs record and store audio in WAV format, WAV is considered as lossless format, which means you get the best quality from your recordings. A 3 minutes audio recording in WAV format is about 50mb therefore an average audio project is about 1 to 2 gigabytes.

The best laptop or macbook for recording must have a large hard disk size.

Recommendation: 750G to 1 terabytes internal Hard disk.

How Much RAM Size?

8 to 16G RAM: never settle for less when it comes to RAM size. Production requires heavy real-time  processing,  your Windows PC or MacBook Pro uses its RAM to record and play back audio files from your audio interface while also processing your effects and VST instruments simultaneously.

Have ever heard of AUDIO BUFFERS?  more RAM you have available on your system the more effective your audio buffers.

A computer with a low RAM will experience

  • glitches and pauses during audio recording and playback.
  • slow load up time for DAWs
  • constant crashes of project during sessions.
  • delayed response from midi controllers.

How Fast Should My PC Be?

The overall performance of a PC depends on its processor speed, a fast computer is  essential for creating professional mixes because mixing and mastering plugins perform real-time processing  on your audio. Your signal chain will usually contain multiple effect processors which might be overloading your system performance.

If you are considering a windows pc I would recommend either an i7 or i9 M1 for macbook .

Music Production workstations are quite pricy but they are extremely important for that home studio. In our training programs we help recommend ideal computer based on your budget and also help you in setting up your Home studio.

Join our Music Production Courses Today acquire all the skill sets and tools necessary to become a world class producer.

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