Best Microphones for recording Vocals

 In this article we will have a look at the best microphones for recording vocals in a home studio that can give you that professional recordings. 

What is a microphone

In simple terms its an audio equipment that captures sounds, it then converts the sound into electric impulse(signals). a microphone captures the texture(pitch) and sound pressure(volume) of a sound source. A microphone is one of the 7 recording studio essentials.

Studio Session

Studio Recording Microphone

Various microphones for recording different instruments in the studio, knowing which one to use is an essential part of getting quality recordings. In this article we will focus on the best microphone for recording vocals and why.

Best Microphone For Recording Vocals

A Large diaphram condenser microphone is the ideal mic for capturing vocals because of its natural frequency response. A good condenser microphone price ranges from $150 to $3k especially if you are considering professional recordings.

Condenser microphone


Best condenser Microphones for Recording Vocals in home studios

here are a list of the best condenser microphones  for recording vocals in Home studios

MXL 990

Mxl is a good american brand  and its a must have for anyone considering professional recordings on a budget, i have one of this currently but a more expensive one.

Behringer B-2 Pro 

Behringer has always being a live saver when it comes to providing high grade audio equipment on a budget, this microphone is just as good as mics priced over $500

Shure beta 87A

Nothing much to say but the brand name Shure speaks for its self, they are one of the oldest brands in the market and they offer high value for the money. if you are looking for durability then you can think Shure

Samson CL7A

Samson mics are one of the best especially if you are considering buying a USB condenser microphone that you can plug into your computer and start recording without any extra equipment.

What Else you Need to Know:

Getting an expensive mic doesn’t 100% guarantee good quality recordings, other things like Microphone Placement, acoustic treatment of the room, pickup pattern and frequency response all play a huge role on getting that world class recording.

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