Online Music Production Master Class

Acquire the skills and techniques to become world class Music Producer & Audio engineer today in this one-on-one online training with Our Instructor.


Enroll for this Online music production Course  and learn how to make beats, record songs, mixing and mastering.

At the end of the program students are able to produce songs on any of the following DAWs (production software) such as FL studio, Cubase, Reason, Sony Acid, Logic Pro and also knowing how to use editing and mastering software such as SoundForge, Izotope Ozone.

You will also have the basic knowledge on how to setup an home recording studio, to be able to setup up their own studio for their personal or public use.

Enroll Now and join our interactive online music production training sessions with students using Microsoft teams.

Benefits of Online Course:

  • Easily take classes from your phone or laptop.
  • Limited data?… schedule the hours or minutes of your classes based  on your data cap.
  • Access to latest production tools and training resources.
  • One on one interaction with instructors and review of your projects.
  • Collaborate with other producers from US, Uk, Canada & more.

On completion Of the Online Music Production Course you will get:

  • free music producer website for you to showcase your beats and songs
  • Upload and sell your beats on our platinum account and earn thousands selling beats.

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Physical Classes are available for students who do not prefer remote learning. Click here for details 

The Novice

Music Production For Beginners
3 weeks

Fundamentals of Music Production for Beginners:

The fundamentals of music production for beginners module helps lay a solid foundation for you producing music professionally and how to set up recording studios.

In this Lesson we introduce you to music production and studio equipments, taking you from Novice to Professional & the tools you need. We introduce you to equipment such as mixers, microphones, audio interface, midi controllers e.t.c and explain how all the various equipment work across a recording studio chain.


  • what is music production
  • music production steps.

Sound & Its Characteristics

  • What is sound
  • behavior of Sound waves ( reflection, absorption, interference)
  • characteristics of sound ( pitch, loudness, timbre, dynamics)
  • Audio signals (analog & Digital signals)

Setting up your recording studio

Wondering how to setup a recording studio?

This module covers the steps and techniques need for setting up your recording studio for private or commercial uses.

  • Setting your studio goals
  • Budget planning
  • Location Planning
  • Acquiring the right equipments ( microphones, midi & audio equipments, mixers, signal processors)
  • connecting your studio equipments( Analog & digital connectors)
  • understanding your signal chain.
  • Basic Soundproofing & acoustic treatment

This Lesson module is available on our Music production master Class and our online Music production Class


The Producer


 Learn how to Make Beats and Record Audio using DAWs

We train you on how to use the DAWs for instrumentation (making beats), vocal recording & editing, introduce you to various DAWs (digital audio workstations) such as FL Studio, Reason, Pro-tools, Cubase, Sony Acid.

We also introduce you to production techniques, effects such as delays, reverbs, pitch correcting software (autotune) equalizers, and also VST Instruments and Plugins.

Course Outline:

DAWs (Digital audio workstation)

Learn how to use any DAW in this lesson, it covers how to work across various DAWs learning their components and interface.

  • Introduction to DAWs
  • Components of DAWs
  • Introduction to FL studio
  • Introduction to Pro-toolz
  • Introduction to Sony Acid
  • Introduction To Cubase

Digital Instrumentation : 

This Lessons covers How to Make Beats on DAWs for Music, Soundtracks and Films

  • Capturing Midi
  •  Midi editing
  • Creating your first instrumentation.
  • Creating your first Arrangement
  • Automation & creating events.

Audio Recording & Live instrumentation.

This Lesson Covers how to Record Audio and live Instruments.

  • Understanding microphone placements
  • Capturing Audio
  • Multitracking & audio recording techniques
  • Audio editing


This Lesson module is available on our Music production master Class and our online Music production Class

The Audio Engineer


Mixing and Mastering for Beginners.

In this lesson you will learn how to mix and master songs or any audio project.

We introduce you to basic mixing techniques, frequencies, mastering tools such as limiters, exciters, equalizers, multiband compressors. We also explain basic audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, e.t.c.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Mixing & Mastering

  • The mixing console (Framework, signal chain)
  • signal Processors, Insert Fx, FX send and returns
  • Equalizers, types, parametric eqs, Bandwith, spectrum analysis and frequency Matching
  • Dynamic Processors, Types,threshold, ratio, Gain
  • Compressors, peak and average signal analysis. determining threshold level and ratio
  • Noise Gates, noise floor analysis, De-essers
  • Limiters and Expanders
  • Effects Processors, Reverbs, Delays, Pitch Correction(autotune)
  • Creating your first mix

Introduction to Mastering.

  • Mastering processors, Introduction to Izotope Ozone
  • Multi band Compressors
  • Exciters and volume maximizers
  • Exporting your Project, audio types and conversion rates

This Lesson module is available on our Music production master Class and our online Music production Class

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