7 tips to know a professional beat

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There are millions of free beats online and paid ones making it extremely difficult for an average artist to know if they have a professional beat, if you are considering getting some beats online for professional recording these are a few tips you should consider.

Tip 1: Loud Doesn't Mean Good...avoid too loud Beats.

Because of not so loud mediums like phones and laptop speakers some producers tend to push the loudness of their beats too high, this always leads to distortion. when a beat is too loud it causes not enough head room for the mastering engineer to work with when mastering the song you recorded on it, therefore your mastered song will not be loud as commercial level.

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Tip 2: Avoid crowded Middle frequency sound Beats

Too Much Mud: okay so you probably wandering what is mud? in simple terms mud can happen when a beat has too many mid frequency instruments like guitar, piano, violins, etc. playing at the same time. Having a lot of instruments makes a beat quite interesting right? but don’t forget vocals(lead vocals and backups) are coming up on it, so make room for it, because vocals are also mid frequency.

Tip 3: Go for a Clean clear sound, less Noise.

Dull Tone color: a good beat doesn’t necessarily need to have a great mix but it should have all its instruments tone in its frequency space, no too much eqs or compressors on the instruments. this simply means that a guitar played should sound like a proper guitar instrument regardless of the effects used, also without conflicting with other instruments for space.

Tip 4: Easy to identify

A professional beat usually defines the genre of a song, Just because a beat sounds nice doesn’t mean its made for you, take your time to understand the description, idea and genre of the beat.

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Tip 5: Download WAV files Not Mp3s.

Avoid Low mp3 bit rates, most beats available online for download are low bit rates just for you to listen not record on, songs recorded on low mp3 bit rates are extremely difficult to get great masters on because mp3s are compressed and your mastering engineer will be working with WAV. 

Tip 6: Free is not always free.

Ask For the Trackouts: these are the individual WAV stems or files used to make the beat, trackouts makes it easy for you to edit the beat and create world class mix and masters. Contact the producer and ask for trackouts, off course it will come with a price

Tip 7: go for arrangements not loops:

Although this is open for argument, most hip-hop producers just sample loops and run it from start to finish, but if you are considering a more conventional song with intro, verse chorus and more go for beats that you understand the arrangement.

Bonus Tip: Be Original

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Listen don’t just Hear: take your time to listen to a beat, just because a beat sounds like the type beat a popular artist use or uses doesn’t mean its great, some are even exact replicas of those beats, unique sounds maybe difficult to accept first but believe me it pays to be original avoid copycats.

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